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2 x UB5 330ml Beers

This premium craft beer is a powerful combination of 5 Malts and 5 Hops matured over 5 weeks, brewed to 5% ABV and best served at 5c. This new premium craft beer is fully endorsed by Beer Sommelier, Annabel Smith.



Upham Brewery UB5

The Brewery at Stakes Farm, Upham has one very unique and priceless natural resource its own bore- hole. 60 m below the South Downs, Hampshire they extract the cleanest, clearest chalk purified water you could care to drink.

This is a key ingredient in their newly launched Craft Beer UB5.

Craft Beer: A beer made in a traditional or non-mechanised way by a small brewery.

UB5 is a unique craft beer it is a powerful combination of 5 malts and 5 hops matured over 5 weeks, brewed to 5% ABV and best served at 5 Degrees Celsius.

The 5 Malts used:

Maris Otter (UK)- flavoursome and reliable light biscuit malt, popular with craft brewers.
Venture Pale Ale (UK)- pale yellow grain gives a pleasant malt aroma and slightly sweet malt flavour.
Cara Gold(UK)-very low in colour, adds malt, fruit and toffee notes. Increased body and significantly enhances head retention.
Cara Pils(German)-adds to the fullness of the beer, hints of smooth caramel, improves the body and significantly enhances the head retention.
Crystal 100(UK)-gives a sweet, malty flavour and beer stability.

The 5 Hops Used:

Magnum(German)- Renowned for its smooth bittering value and consistent quality.
Target(UK)-Intense aromas of fresh sage, cedar even hints of citrus marmalade and a spicy undertone in flavour. Excellent bittering profile, sharp and assertive.
Summit(USA)-Boasts a strong unique aroma of tangerine, grapefruit and orange. Popular as a dependable, stable bittering hop, especially as a late hop edition.
Cascade(USA)-an exquisite aroma hop, inhale citrus fruits and hints of spice. Cascade truly imparts a unique character in to the finished beer.
Ella(Australia)-An intriguing hop variety its character can change depending on where in the brew process it is added. Ella holds its own with any robust malt and conveys a decidedly tropical flavour with a hint of apricot.

UB5 has been brewed to perfection and has combined the best characteristics of each beer into one. The invigorating tongue tingling freshness of a lager, united with the seams of flavour provided by an ale so appeal to lager and ale drinkers alike.

This new premium craft beer is fully endorsed by Beer Sommelier, Annabel Smith.

About Upham Brewery

The Upham Group is the south of England’s fastest growing new pub and brewery company. Based in the heart of the South Downs, they officially launched the new Upham Brewery in May 2013. The company also owns a growing family of pubs and inns across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Wiltshire with plans to increase the portfolio.

All the beers brewed at Upham have their own personality. Upham have worked hard to refine the flavour of each beer to ensure they can give each and every ale drinker something that appeals. Upham Brewary are very lucky to have their very own bore hole on the brewery site. This means that the water they brew their lovely beers with is filtered through the chalky South Downs, making Upham beers unique and high in quality, flavour and consistency. Upham brewery is an innovative brewery producing some award winning beers.